BennyFi creates pooled markets that harness a community’s desire to participate in exciting rewards and creative funding

while safeguarding principal value.

Your community. Your future.

Our platform uses customizable variables to control the duration of pools and the distribution of pool yields while never risking the principal.

All of this is completed using a distributed model that avoids the diversion of assets to middlemen.

Enter BennyFi

BennyFi Finance, finance that benefits you.

BennyFi allows for participation in Saving and Pledging programs that do not put assets at risk.


Harness your savings

Imagine a world where your savings work for you. BennyFi allows you to participate in yield pool programs that do not put your assets at risk.

Powered by BennyFi

Create dApps (decentralized applications) that target your community.

Let BennyFi provide the incentives to work or play.  

The BennyFi Philosophy

Welcome to the future of decentralized finance.

BennyFi PledgePool

PledgePool democratizes project funding and sponsorship, utilizing staking mechanisms to generate rewards for patronage. This mechanism puts pledges to work on behalf of projects that you believe in without sacrificing your pledge principle. With this model, your pledge principle is always returned to you for additional pledging or investment.

BennyFi NLP (No Loss Reward Pools)

BennyFi NLP allows Pool Managers to create, configure, and customize no loss pools tailored to the community. Pool durations and distributions are adjustable to ensure participation. In addition, our platform enables Beneficiary distributions so Pools can give back to the community.

BennyFi FlipStake (No Loss Gaming)


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Welcome to the future of decentralized finance.

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